Arabic classes in Abu Dhabi

Arabic classes Abu Dhabi

Arabic classes in Abu Dhabi

Arabic classes in Abu Dhabi cater to Non-Arabic speakers wishing to be familiar with the Arabic rich culture. The Arabic Language courses provided by Skillset Academy are comprehensive and offering a unique opportunity to experience the beauty of Arabic Language and its culture in the first place. This course covers all the needs of learning skills from mastering the Arabic alphabets to knowing all the grammar, pronunciation and syntax, so the students will be having a solid foundation in the language. In the classroom, we speak to students in Arabic and may use English for clarification only.

The Four Skills of our Arabic language course

The Arabic language consists of 28 letters. Arabic letters are written from right to left, and the letters are connected to each other, except for 6 letters. You will learn how to write and read Arabic within level one. You will also take some exercises on simple passages. Following that you will take training on daily certain topics in Arabic. Beyond the classroom sessions, trainees will have access to a wide range of resources, including educational videos from daily life conversations up to advanced skills samples such as (imitation of the most daily used conversations at home, school, supermarket, hospital, street, restaurant, work, and more!). Our lessons cover all Arabic language skills.

They will also learn all the speaking skills starting from simple conversations between the students and ending with mastered speaking skills. This journey will involve interactive lessons, cultural activities and real-life scenarios, so it will lead the students to gain all the meaningful connections and be expert in the language and will increase the opportunity to enhance you Arabic speaking abilities.

Our Arabic language courses are led by native and experienced instructors who are passionate about sharing their language and culture with others. With their guidance and support, students will be empowered to overcome all the linguistic barriers and achieve fluency in Arabic with confidence and ease. From personalized feedback to tailored lesson plans, these instructors will go above and beyond to ensure that every student reaches their full potential. Arabic classes in Abu Dhabi are provided by many training institutes in Abu Dhabi, but the Arabic classes at Skillset Academy are the best as it focuses on the practical aspect.

Spoken Arabic Classes

Arabic Language is one of the top 6 most spoken languages in the world. If you live or work in the United Arab Emirates, learning Arabic will equip you with good skills and relationships with the Arab Businessmen and open new horizons before you so you can expand your business and know the rich Arab culture. Through our 1000 Arabic conversation covering all aspect of life, you will be able to deal with all people around you in Arabic. You will imitate the Arabic conversation with an Arab native speaker ensuring your master of the Arabic language in all its aspects. 

Here are some examples of words and sentences in English and Arabic language:

– Hello == Marhaba / Hala/ Ahlan wa Sahlan

– Bye == Maa Alsalamah/ Ela Allekaa

– Thank you== Shokran    

– You are Welcome== Afoan 

– He== Hwa     – She== Heya

– Have a nice day== Atamana Lak Yoman Saeedan

– Are you okay? == Hal Anta Bekhair?

– Today== Alyoum     – Tomorrow== Bukra

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