Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing Course Modules:

Digital Marketing Course at Skillset Academy focuses on the practical aspect, so the trainee will do the process himself under the direction of the trainer. Our course includes the SEO with all its types. You will learn how to make a website and rank it to the first page on google using the On-page SEO, Technical SEO, and Off-Page SEO. The trainee will also learn social media marketing, google ads, and Youtube SEO.

Chapter One:  Search Engine Optimization Course 

First Part: How to make a Website and optimize it

How to choose a domain name reflecting your niche?

How to buy a hosting and link it with the domain?

How to install WordPress template and optimize it?

Second Part: Keywords

Identify Target Keywords.

What is a good monthly search volume?

User Intent (search intent)

keyword Research Tools.

SERP Features.


Short Tail and Long Tail Keywords.


Third Part: On-Page SEO

How to write a High quality Content?

Keyword in the First Paragraph.

Keyword and its synonyms distribution. 

Meta Tags (Description of page content)

Page Title (Title of the webpage).

Headers (Keyword or its synonyms in H1, H2, and H3)

Meta Descriptions.

Image Alt-text (Alternative text).

Page URLs.

Internal Linking (Linking the pages of your website with each other)

External Linking (Linking the pages of your website with other related websites but not competitors).

Mobile Responsiveness (Adapting the page content to the mobile).

Fourth Part: Off-Page SEO

Webmaster Tools.

Domain Authority and Page Authority.


Social Media Signals.

Guest posting.


Fifth Part: Technical SEO

SSL Certificate.


Robots.txt File.

WordPress Settings.

Comment Settings.

External Links ‘nofollow’.

Best Type Sitemap.


Schema Structured Data.

Canonical Url.

404 Page.

Loading Speed.

Logo And Favicon.

Site Speed.

Sixth Part:YouTube SEO

The Most Important Factors.

How to do Keyword Research?

How to write a video script?

How to rename your video?

How to optimize your video description?

How to choose tags?

How to choose the Category?

How to create a thumbnail?

Seventh Part: Local SEO

Google Business Profile.

Keyword in the business name.

Asking for Reviews.

Negative and positive reviews.

Local Link Building.

Number of “Check-Ins”.

Directory listings.

Posts & Keywords.

NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number).

Landing page and its importance.

Eighth Part: International SEO

URL Structures (Subdomains – Subdirectories – ccTLDs).



Translation (Avoid Machine Translation).

Keywords for Country to Country.

Build Links & Build Relationships.

Ninth Part: Link Building


Anchor Texts.

Backlinks and its types.

Competitors’ Links.

Local links.

Tenth Part: Backlinks 

Link Farms


Blogger Comments Backlinks

Article Submission

Bio Backlinks

Social Bookmarking Backlinks

Backlinks in Forums

Blog Comments

Private Blog Network (PBN) Links

Directory Backlinks (yellow pages, good firms, clutch, etc..)

Social signals Backlinks

PDF Backlinks (slideshare, issuu, calameo, etc..)

Audio & video Backlink

Audio Backlink

Image signals

Question and Answer (Quora, reddit, etc..)

Eleventh Part: Plans & Strategies

How to build a report?

How to build a backlink plan?

How to build an SEO strategy?

How to build an Action Plan SEO Template?

Twelfth Part: SEO Tools




Keyword Tool

Google Keyword Planner


Google Search Console

Google Analytics

Google Business Profile

You will do all the steps of the search engine optimization course by yourself to make sure that you understand everything. You will rank your website by yourself under the direction of Skillset Academy instructors.

Chapter Two: Social Media Marketing






Chapter Three: Email Marketing


What is Email Marketing?

How to make Email List?

Email Marketing Tools.

Chapter Four: Google Ads


How to make a successful campaign? 

Campaign Settings.



And more….

A practical digital marketing classes in Abu Dhabi

Our digital marketing course and search engine optimization classes will help you build your own website and optimize it so that you will get customers to your services. You will do the process step by step starting from buying the domain till the last stage of our full SEO course under the direction of our skilled trainers.

Master the Search Engine Optimization with Skillset Academy

Search Engine Optimization Course at Skillset Academy is the best practical training course in Abu Dhabi. If you want your website to show up on google while searching by a specific keyword, you should learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It starts from choosing the domain name i.e. the name of your website like ( or
The name of your website or the domain name should reflect the niche (the field or industry of your business). After that you should choose a good hosting. You can then choose a good template if you want to build your website with WordPress.
At Skillset Academy, you will learn all on-page and off-page SEO in addition to the technical SEO.