Skillset English Classes

Get ready to unlock your potential in English language by joining our dynamic and exciting General English Classes that is designed for all proficiency levels. Our English classes will build confidence and fluency in the students through the experience of lively discussions and real-world simulations. The talented and experienced instructor will guide the students for developing their skills in grammar, listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. The classes are designed in both traditional methods such as textbooks, written assignments and as well as modern methods like role-plays, group discussions and language games that will make learning more creative and engaging.

Skillset Academy teachers have extensive experience in teaching and dealing with students, ensuring that students understand everything that is required during the course. Students will role-play to enable them to become fluent in dialogue and speaking in English

There are many activities that students do during our English class to ensure they fully understand the lessons.

Our flexible curriculum allows students to improve their skills whether they are preparing for their academics or improving their professional communications or even for travelling abroad. The multicultural environment of our classroom allows students to interact with fellows from diverse backgrounds enhancing their opportunity in exchanging different creative ideas and experiences.

The continuous assessments will help to identify the student’s performances and will enable the instructor do detect the areas of improvements in each student and tailor the learning strategies accordingly.

Step into our digital classes where the students can learn the language through interesting recordings, videos and online exercises. We consider all our students unique and provide them with personalized support and care in order for them to reach at their goals.

Join the best training center in Abu Dhabi and do not let the fear of communication be a barrier in your success and make sure to be a part of our fun and exciting journey of English language and enroll today…!

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